We are a small Data Science consultancy focussed on interesting or socially important problems. LxPrior offers its clients experimental design and data analysis, as well as data science training.

Selected Projects

Data Science Training For Librarians

Harvard's Libraries have taken the step of training their librarians to be data-savvy, thus increasing both their in-work productivity, as well as their repertoire. LxPrior's Rahul Dave has been the chief instructor for these courses for the last 3 years running. Check out the training at DST4L.

Microfinance Analysis for SEWA Bank

In the figure we show customers’ anticipated future expenses. Notice how, despite the prevalence of medical expenses in the past, very few customers anticipated them in the future. Indeed, only 15% of those who had medical expenses in the past, anticipated them in the future. A much larger cohort were expecting social expenses or expenses on their houses.

More to be added soon...

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